Cross Country Relay Success

Surrey Bruce Judd Relay -  26th October

Amazing results for GGAC:

U13 - 1st ( Tabitha Brown, Robin Simons, Arabella Wilson)

U15 - 1st (Jemima Bowen, Christina Kirkby, Katie Sakaria) - Katie received fastest  lap medal

U17W - 1st (Phoebe Matravers, Suzy Lecoutre, Della Sakaria) - Suzy received fastest  lap medal

Bruce Judd

South of England Cross Country Relays - 19th October

Great performance from our young GGAC teams:

U15 G  - 3rd (Jemima Bowen, Christina Kirkby, Katie Sakaria)

U17W - 2nd (Amelie Attenborough, Suzy Lecoutre, Della Sakaria)  - Amelie and Suzy achieved joint best lap times

U20W - 2nd (Charlotte Griffiths, Megan Bannister, Ellie Sakaria)

South Of England


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