Spectrum Track Relaying Update

The Spectrum track is not going to be ready owing to the relaying turning out to be a much bigger job than first anticipated by the contractors and the provisional date we have been given for the completion of the work is now  Saturday, November 3rd.

For the next few weeks training arrangements are as follows:

 Under 13 and 15 Boys and Girls – No training except for middle distance groups – see below

Middle Distance and Endurance groups

 The middle distance group trained by Keith, Tina, Claire and Jon will train in Stoke Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 11th. The group will meet in the coach lay by at the top of the track at 6.30pm

 Allison and Tim Crossman will be contacting their middle distance group via facebook.

Marc Woodall and Matt Lythell will contact their group with their weekly bulletin.

 Senior Sprint Groups/Throws group.

 Paul and Sophie /Virginia and Tony/Martin - The coaches will let you know when and where you will be training.

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