About Us


Guildford and Godalming Athletic Club was formed in 1952 by the amalgamation of Godalming Athletic Club (founded in 1924) and Guildford Athletic Club (founded in 1950). Initially there was no track, and training was on the recreation ground in Recreation Road, Guildford and in Stoke Park. 
In 1964, however, Guildford Borough opened a new cinder track on the site of Bannisters Farm which was opened by Joy Jordan, a club member who briefly held the World Record for Women’s 800 metres.
The Club trained and competed there until 1989 when after much politicking it was sold to Tesco.  The proceeds (only half of which were made available) were used to build The Spectrum Leisure Centre and the Club moved on to the new, artificial surface track in 1993, after three years training on the grass at the  Urnfield on the Downs in Guildford.
In 2019 the Club became incorporated (a company limited by guarantee).
In 2012 a young club member, Adelle Tracey, was one of several similar aged athletes to light the Olympic flame. Adelle is now an international athlete.
At the other end of the age range our one time President, Austin Playfoot, having carried the torch in 1948, carried it again in 2012. In addition, he was invited to light the stadium cauldron when the flame was transferred from the central position it held for the opening ceremony.


First run in 1957 and continuously since (except on two occasions due to roadworks and parking problems) the 50th race was in 2009.
It is one of the oldest events on the calendar and in 2001 was listed among the top one hundred in the country.
In 2014 it was outsourced but taken back in house in 2019. 
Unfortunately, it was not possible to run the race in 2020 due to covid.